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This is the chemical formula for love:

dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin.

It can be easily manufactured in a lab, but overdosing on any of them can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity.

Let that sink in.

- Unknown (via infiltration)

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30 Sep — 113,398 notes

Nothing. I just have to wait until bad mood will pass.

28 Sep

Okay, Sasuke’s fangirls - don’t read this. I really don’t want to reply on your messages like: “Sakura is stupid, she can’t love him, she’s a bitch and she should die”. Go away, drink a cup of tea or.. Play some games like The Sims where you can bully over your sims.

So.. On the beginning I’d like to say that I liked Sasuke because of Itachi’s words. I thought “oh, if he loves him, he can’t be SO bad”. I was wrong not the first time in my life. Yeah - I’m ItaSasu shipper because I’m not able to see Itachi with someone else. He loved his younger brother and everyone knows it. To be honest, I even didn’t need to read this chapter. I wrote “Sakura Haruno” in tumblr searcher and instead of some arts or screens I found a lot of descriptions this.. I don’t know how I should call that cruelty which I read in these texts. I’m a little happy, because a lot of you are with Sakura. I love her. She’s my favorite female character and I don’t want to see her be treated like trash or even worse. She is powerful young woman who only wants to be happy. She wants happiness for her friends too. I don’t know if she loves Sasuke or loved in the past - because everyone writes otherwise - but.. Oh God, she didn’t deserve on this. Genjutsu destroys mind and feelings of person who is attacked. Do you remember Sasuke’s feelings when Itachi used this on him? Yes. We thought “Poor Sasuke-chan, his brother is a living beast!”. It’s the end of “poor Sasuke-chan”. Itachi had a reason but what is Sasuke’s reason? Maybe we’ll see in the next chapter, but I don’t really care. He was acting like a spoiled child who doesn’t want to notice that she cares about him.

Kishimoto probably doesn’t like girls. I understand it’s shounen but in a lot of manga/anime like this are girls who don’t suffer. Sakura’s feelings are mature now. She’s not little girl who just says “Sasuke-kun, I love you” only to announce this to him. She was ready to kill him when she decided it’s the best way to end this shit.

I still remember these words: “I have my master’s hatred of losing!”. Don’t give up.

Just let me cry over Sakura’s sadness and Sasuke’s stupidity.

And one more thing. People who say “She has no boobs!” - the most pitiful comment ever, I’m very sorry :c

PS: Yes, it’s a kind of butthurt.

PS2: Sorry for mistakes. When I’m angry I don’t care about this.

27 Sep — 1 note